declare on_volume;


Places a plot on the volume subgraph.

General Information

By default, the application automatically defines where to place a study. If the study contains volume values and values not related to the base subgraph, then this study is displayed on the volume subgraph, otherwise it is displayed on the base subgraph.

However, it may be required to forcibly place the study on the volume subgraph regardless of the values you are using.

Example (Volume Accumulation on the Volume Subgraph)

declare on_volume;
plot VolumeAccumulation = (close - (high + low) / 2) * volume;

The code in the example contains both volume and base subgraph related values. In order to place the study on the volume subgraph, the code uses the on_volume declaration. To study an example that uses only non-volume values, see the real_size function article.