Message Center

Message Center is a thinkorswim gadget that helps you stay informed on a variety of events. These events include alert triggering, order status changes, system notifications, and reminders on upcoming educational events. The Message Center gadget can be added to the left sidebar or launched via the Messages button in the upper right corner of the application window.

For your convenience, notifications in the Message Center use different formatting based on the type of the event they convey.  This includes displaying icons next to the messages and using an intuitive color scheme. By default, the Message Center displays notifications in the "newest last" order: new notifications appear at the bottom of the notification feed. You can reverse this order by clicking the Time column header.

Notifications in the Message Center are locally archived for 24 hours. In case you think you will need them later on, there are options to print, export, or screen-cap them directly from the application. In order to do anything of the above, click on the Show Actions button in the top right corner of the gadget and choose the corresponding option on the menu. The same menu allows you to detach the Message Center and display it in a separate window.

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