Using Drawings

In this section you will find information on how to work with drawings on charts. Drawings are a technical analysis method which relies more on a visual aspect than pure mathematics.

NOTE: If you would like to view a description of each individual drawing we offer, please click HERE.

Drawing Sets

In TOS Charts, drawings are stored in drawing sets; these are your collections of drawings that are related to the chosen symbol. This means that for each desirable symbol, you may have a specific list of drawing sets - in all opened instances of the Charts interface. Switching between the drawings sets can be easily done using the handy Drawing set drop-down in the bottom right corner of the Charts window.

When using drawings for the first time, a 'Default' empty drawing set is applied to the chart. You can save it using another name: to do so, click the Drawing set drop-down, choose Save as new drawing set, type in a desirable name, and click Save. After that, you will be able to rename or delete your drawing set. The 'Default' set cannot be deleted or renamed.

When you make sure you've chosen the drawing set you'd like to add your drawings to, you can start drawing on your chart:

  1. Click on the Active Tool icon (to the left of the Drawing Set drop-down) or by using the middle mouse click over an existing chart 
  2. Choose a drawing tool from our library.
  3. Add as many drawings as you need; changes to the drawing set are applied immediately on all chart instances to which this set is added.

Operations with Drawings

Once a drawing is added, you may perform further operations by right-clicking it. These operations include:

  • Activate. Use this action so that the drawing is activated and you can move it across the chart. Note that to do so, you can also select it with a Pointer (Active Tool) and drag-and-drop to a desired position. Once you activate a drawing, you can modify it by dragging-and-dropping its anchor points.
  • Duplicate. Use this action to add the same drawing to the chart. Note that the drawing is added "behind" the existing one so that to see both drawings, you will need to first move either of these.
  • Edit properties. Use this action to manually edit the properties of the drawing. These properties are different for different drawings, see the articles in the Reference section for more information.
  • Remove drawing. Use this action to remove the drawing. To remove all drawings, right-click anywhere on chart and choose Clear drawing set. There is also an option to remove obsolete drawings from intraday charts while keeping the recent ones. For this purpose, click Remove old drawings. In the dialog window, specify number of days after which the drawing will be considered old and click Remove. As too many drawings added may slow the application, you may want the system to notify you on a large number of old drawings overpopulating the chart; this can be done in the Remove Old Drawings dialog as well.
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